Tuesday, September 7, 2010

and so Australia has a government.... for now

It's been a long 17 days of boring people speculating about how three country, conservative, white men would choose to align themselves. Nobody can be surprised that Bob Katter with his ridiculous big hat and homophobic diatribe went to the right. One really isn't supposed to line up spouses before the current one is adequately disposed of .... but that Tony Windsor is quite lovely. So considered and contained. And sensible.

Oakeshott could do with an edit button. But his heart's in the right place. I'd like to call him an earnest young man but that would be outrageously patronising... he's just about the same age as me. And not quite as opinionated. And a lot more idealistic.

A pal of mine, Pema, said something quite apt : "I feel about Labor like I would about a young kid that ran away from home. I'm thrilled they're back home safely, but now that I've given them a hug, I'm want to give them a good thrashing, and send them to their room for about the next 6 months, maybe to write lines: "I will stop pandering to the bogan vote and reignite the light on the hill""

She's right. I just want to spank the lot of them now.

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