Sunday, September 5, 2010

It always seems like a good idea at the time

I recently emailed a bunch of my inner west groovy pals to see if they'd be interested in a bit of a singing thingo... a choir of sorts. Just a casual thing. At the park, at people's houses. Nothing too organised.  I love to sing but have an incredibly shite voice so I thought it could be fun to sing in a group where no-one can tell I'm shite.

Funnily enough, none of them thought it was ridiculous and lots said, "Hell yes". So we bowled up to the local park today, whacked some snags on the barbie and busted out the iPod dock.... while the non-singers chased after the sprogs.

I suspect that I was the only one singing for large periods of time. And a few of my gorgie friends forgot they were supposed to be singing in deadly earnest... and started talking about banal dross like... well, dross. And then I forgot I was supposed to be the boss of all things vocal and started talking about dross too. Bugger. I really have a very short attention span. And I LOVE dross.

The master plan is that next time we do it at someone's house. At night. Not so sure about that... we all live in semi-detached houses or apartments. Oh my gawd, what will the neighbours think? I'm thinking a bit of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire (although I always think of curries after my rude English brother-in-law made some remark about Johnny Cash and vindaloo once) and some of Kermit the Frog's Lime in the Coconut.

Now that I see it in writing, it does sound pretty bloody nerdy, doesn't it? Shite.... I grew up to be a nerd! Not in my original plan.

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