Saturday, September 4, 2010

Seriously, who graffitis in french?

I was driving along a busy suburban street today and noticed a rather lovely old house. It was painted in those ultra chic nouveau browny purpley natural colours. I'm sure you know what I mean. Well, you'd know the kind of colours if you saw them. They're so tasteful, they're tasteless.

Anyway... as I was saying... I drove past this house.. this tastefully painted house, and all along the side wall in big black writing was graffiti. IN FRENCH!!! I don't remember when I laughed harder.

I'm no franco-phile. In fact, they repulse me. Not the French, just franco-philes. Idiots... but I digress. Back to the graffiti. If I were a better rested, more observant person I could have told you what it said. Some rubbish about the world. Le Monde springs to mind. Or is that the newspaper? Or both? Who cares.

It was just the incongruity of it really. It made me laugh. I turned to my passenger, La, and said, "If that were my wall, I'd be tempted to keep the graffiti because it's french." He didn't agree. Barbarian.

The penmanship left a bit to be desired, and the punctuation was shite. But lordy maudy, it made me laugh.

The mystery of who wrote it will intrigue me for years. ...some daft school kid showing off or a semi-literate angry young frog or a disillusioned African immigrant??? I'm not sure which one I want it to be more. I shall endeavour to take a photo soon and get your opinion. I'd nick out now and get one, but it's night time. Derr.

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