Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where do all the un-dirty, not-clean clothes go?

So here's the thing... I re-wear clothes. I've got small kids so it's not possible to wear them lots of times before it's obvious... but I do get a few wears out of most clothes. Well, at least in winter... summer... not so much.

I just don't know where to put the clothes that I'm "resting". They obviously need to go somewhere. I haven't got the heart to put them back in the drawers/wardrobe with the clean-clean stuff.... that kind of seems like cheating the Gods of Housework, and the ghost of my o.c.d. mother. So where should I put them?

I've never seen piles of clothes in the bedrooms of my friends... I wonder if they even do it. Surely they don't tidy up before someone like me arrives! Or do they? I may have just had an epiphany. I've always thought that surely someone wouldn't tidy up before I came around. Would they...? But maybe all these years I've just had friends who have wanted to impress me. Bastards! they depressed me instead! I really thought I was the only grub re-wearing clothes, until recently. Now I realise that many people do it and that they HIDE IT FROM OTHER PEOPLE. I feel quite cheated.

But then the question arises... where do you store these in-between clothes? The end of the bed gets full and looks a tad what should I do? Won't someone confess their solution? C'mon ya dirty buggers. Tell me!

(I just wish someone come and sort this pressing problem out for me. That and my linen closet..oh, and my pantry.... and perhaps my fridge.... and the toyboxes would be cool too. )

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