Thursday, September 9, 2010

The smell of poo... unwanted milestones.

Probably far more information than you want to hear... but the funniest thing happened today. Pud ran off to the loo and yelled out, "I'VE DONE A POO AND YOU NEED TO COME AND WIPE MY BOTTON!"  Mais oui. (She's sooo got the whole Alain de Boton thing happening.. I don't have the heart to correct her pronunciation. If I were a better parent I would. But he's such a hot, post-modern philosopher.. it sounds so cool.)

So I finish abluting her botton and suddenly realise I've got a dire need to go myself. I make her wash her hands and shush her out the door to leave me in peace and I sit down and do my funky toilet thing... until I realise a dreadful odour has risen from below and is offending my nose.


Who would have thunk it? It's really hard to finish a poo when all you can smell is someone eles's poo. It was worse than a public toilet... where usually you hope the smell is a few stalls away and you can mouth-breathe till you get out.

It's weird, I eat all the same foods as Pud. Perhaps in different quantities... on a good day... and I like to drink the red bush-tea of Precious Ramotse from the The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (vanilla rooibos for the unconverted)  yet her poo smells every bit as feral as public-loo poo and mine is as sweet as when it was food.

I'm not sure when this happened. I never noticed the aroma particularly when I was changing her botton when she was a baby. Somewhere along the line my little Pud turned in to a big Pud and now her poo smells.

Aaaaah, another milestone I hadn't realised was coming, and am not happy to have reached.  Now... when will she start wiping her OWN botton?

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